Venice in Boat - A wonderful boat Trip to discover the beauty of the Venetian Lagoon
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Tour boats:
A Bragozzo is 9 metres long. It can accommodate up to 9 people end one of 10 meters long which can accomodate up to 12 people. They are equipped with seats, sun shades, fridge, maps and information regarding the lagoon. For larger groups we have a small fleet of Bragozzi available.

A wonderful boat trip to discover the beauty of the Venetian lagoon

Il bragozzo
is one of the most characteristic boats in the lagoon. Between 1700 and 1900 it was very common in the upper part of the Adriatic, where it was used for fishing. It is thought that it was originally designed in the boat yards of Chioggia.


Outings and tours unless there are different specifications or agreements are for a whole day (about 7 hours).

Departure is usually from the Squero di San Trovaso or for those arriving by train near Piazzale Roma between 9,30  and 10,00am.
Other possible places from boarding are: Fondamente Nuove or a Sant’ Elena.

Lunch: One can choose to eat either in a local Trattoria or onboard, catering with traditional local cuisine. (20,00-25,00 euro per person) or bring a packed lunch.

Evening Trips. It s possible to organize evening trips which can include an aperitif and evening meal.

It is possibile to organize half a day trip only on weekdays..

If the sea conditions and the water is clean it is possible to bathe.


The rental prices for one-day trip starting from € 400.

N.B. - The prices refer to the complete hire of the boat for one day and the cost of the skipper, fuel and an aperitif on board before meals. It does not include meals or eventual entrance tickets to museums or exhibitions.

In case of cancellation due to adverse weather it is possible to move the booking to another date or cancelled at the cost of advance payments of deposit for the restaurant.

Una sosta durante la gita in Barca per la laguna di Venezia

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